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The controversial person

Bigg Boss-watching Mufti Abdul Qavi is no stranger to controversy in Pakistan. His life is a cocktail of deen, desire and disaster.

the news of simpleton Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa waiting in a queue for a plate of egg omelette at a club in Islamabad didn’t make you cry, then I don’t know what will. How about another newsy nugget, the one that involves Mufti Qavi being slapped by a TikTok star whom the cleric had allegedly harassed, resulting in him losing the title of Mufti. I bet you are crying now.

A tale of an omelette and a slap. Pakistani journalists are brave to report on the humbleness of a man who held his own plate for an omelette and sought no help, definitely a first in history. And Pakistani TikToker Hareem Shah talking about the slap to a ‘pious’ man definitely won’t be a last in history

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